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Teenused_KolimineThe most important goal of organizing international removals is your satisfaction with a successful relocation as a mover. We have built up our services based on your particular needs and desires.

A successful cross-border relocation is a set of services, which includes careful planning, taking into consideration all the possible threats and risks, involving partners that have proved their quality, and professional customer service, at the end of which you will find that uneasiness and discomfort do not necessarily accompany relocation.

We can offer you confidence that you have entrusted your personal belongings with the right partner, who can appreciate the emotional value of the property you are moving, and has long and extensive professional experience in delivering shipments safely and with the least amount of time to any corner of the world.

In each origin and destination country we only use partners of utmost reliability with whom we share the same values and quality standards.

The following are the main services that we offer. However, each move is unique and we can find the most suitable solution to all different projects taking into account your wishes, good practice, our quality standards, skills and experience.

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    Please add here information and specific details about household goods condition, special transport and packing requirments and timeframe which are not added before in to current request form:


    One of the most important parts of planning international removals is the exact evaluation of the volume of assets to be moved. If you have decided what you are planning to take, we can determine the volume of the assets in cubic meters. Shipping method and means, often the route and especially the price are determined by the volume. For international removals as well as other areas transporting larger volumes is less expensive per unit compared to smaller volumes. Volumetric assessment can done by yourself if you write down the objects to be moved in the following way: bigger items like furniture and such should be described with their dimensions of length * width * height.

    When calculating the actual volume the volume reduction that occurs during furniture disassembly needs to be deducted and the volume increase from packing materials and crate size needs to be added. Smaller items such as clothes, footwear, books, dishes and the like are reasonable to calculate based on a standard-sized box, which measures 40 x 60 x 40 cm. When sending us such a list, we can fairly accurately calculate the volume of the property. The more accurate the list the more accurately we can also assess packaging, materials and volume.

    Second and much easier solution for you is to call us for a pre-move survey. In that case, we can guarantee that the viewed items will be properly taken into consideration, any risk of volume miscalculation will be minimized and any responsibility related to volume change will be ours.


    We approach the selection of packaging materials based on the material, shape, value, mode (and means) of transport of the items and the time it takes to reach the destination. Also, the need for long-term storage.

    We take into account that the packaging materials must be specifically intended for removals, which is to say that the strength and quality of the packaging material plays a very important role. We offer moving boxes in a wide range of sizes, meaning smaller ones for heavier items such as books and documents, and larger corrugated cardboard boxes for clothing, footwear and less sensitive items. From our selection of packing crates you can also find wardrobe boxes with racks where you can hang your clothes straight from your closet to avoid any wrinkling. We only use boxes made of 5-layered corrugated cardboard, ​​since the thinner boxes are not strong enough to ensure the safety of the contents of the box.

    To package items with large dimensions and different shapes we use a variety of packing materials to minimize breakage of objects, scratches, crumpling and other hazards that may occur during the removal. Most used packing materials are bubble wrap, packaging film, corrugated cardboard, wrapping paper, tape and corner protectors.

    Items that require special handling and care (e.g. works of art) we pack in special thick corrugated cardboard or plywood crates made ​​using additional cushioning and a variety of special materials to ensure climatic conditions.

    Our international removals service typically contains all the necessary packing materials (except for special packaging of items that require special handling and care). If desired, we will supply empty moving boxes before moving, so you can get the simplest of things (clothes shoes , books , etc.) packed by yourself.


    Our removal service includes professional packing by a trained team. Packing service includes disassembly of furniture, disconnecting powered down electronics (conventional connections), and disconnecting devices from power mains, sewerage and water network (on the condition of conventional connections and with conventional tools). Compiling inventory/packing lists in English, marking and numbering packages is also a part of the packing service.

    We abide by the same standards as when packing and our removal team handles your items with the utmost care and expertise when unloading, carrying in, unpacking and assembling furniture and other relocated items at the destination.

    We do not include assembly of new furniture (previously never assembled furniture), connecting electronics and connecting devices to various communication networks.

    Packing and unpacking services of our removal partners may differ from the services offered by us. During price offer stage we will always inform you of what services are included or not included in our partner’s price.


    The most common means of transport in international removal within Europe is road transport. Smaller shipments are also transported by air, but this mode of transport has a relatively high cost. For more distant destinations the only option for large-scale removals is often marine container transport. Rail transport is used relatively rarely for eastbound shipments.

    We can offer you all modes of transport for removals. We have selected the best companies in their respective fields as our transport partners to ensure maximum security, the most sensible route and optimal time to reach the destination.

    Based on our experience we will find the most sensible solution, both temporally and financially, to carry out the removal.


    It often happens that among other removable assets there are items that require special handling. These can include heavy objects (safes, pianos, wooden wardrobes, etc.), works of art (paintings, sculptures, etc.), very large objects, fragile items (large glasses and mirrors, servers and other special electronics) and items of high value.

    When dealing with items requiring special handling a variety of measures that require additional power and equipment, packing and packaging materials, and often different routes and modes of transport need to be implemented.

    Together we will find a solution suitable for you, because we have the knowledge, experience, and all the necessary tools.


    During the move, there may be unexpected surprises, for example, it might turn out that a piece of furniture is too large to fit through a door, up the stairs or around the corner in a narrow corridor. In this case, the solution can be an outdoor elevator that can lift a piece of furniture in through a window or a balcony.

    We will help you find prompt solutions in situations like these by choosing a suitable outdoor lift and delivering the problematic piece of furniture to the right place.


    If you have decided that you want to take your own car or motorcycle we are also able to help you with that. For smooth automobile or motorcycle handling during removals we expect at an early stage detailed information from you about the vehicle (preferably during price inquiry stage): dimensions, brand, year of issue, and various expectation and requirements for packaging and handling of the vehicle. The vehicle should be clean upon handing it over to us (in some countries, such as Canada, the local border guard will check the cleanliness of the vehicle), minimal amount of fuel in the petrol tank and any surplus items removed from the vehicle. We also ask you to provide us with the vehicle’s ignition key and the vehicle’s technical passport, which must be with the vehicle at all times during the transportation. Upon handover we will fill out a dedicated act of vehicle handover and reception in which we note the vehicle details, condition, and specific information. With the same document you will receive the vehicle at the destination, where you can verify that the vehicle is in the same condition as upon handover.

    For some destination countries, such as USA, the vehicle’s technical accordance to the regulations of the destination country needs to be verified. It is best to get this information from our moving partners.

    To ensure safe transportation we mount the motorcycle onto pallets with load straps, fix it in place, and pack it if necessary. A plywood enclosure can be ordered to increase the safety of the motorcycle. Automobiles are usually not packed, but we can cover the vehicle with a vehicle cover after the vehicle has been securely fixed to the carrier (trailer or sea container).


    During removals but also on many other occasions there may be a need to store the removed property. There can be many reasons for storing and they may vary, e.g. storage during renovations, due to lack of space, a longer trip abroad, a temporary period of time during changing residence when there is no place store the furniture, etc.

    We offer short- as well as long-term storage service for furniture and personal items. We also offer appropriate safe packing service and insurance of stored property.


    Import/export customs procedures are applied when transporting items across the customs border of the European Union.

    We will help you prepare customs documents and in co-operation with you perform all the necessary customs procedures, including helping to apply for relief of import fee for personal items.


    For international removals it is advisable insure the assets that are moved to avoid great property damage in case of possible accident or other damage. The insurance covers all of the basic risks involved in moving and gives you the confidence that even in the most unpleasant scenario, you will receive fair compensation.

    We mediate transportation insurance, which has conditions specifically suited for property transport.