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Plado Art Services new Office & Warehouse

Do you know the situation where you do not have enough space to make things happen? We do! This problem haunted us every day. It was considerable barrier to growth and development of our company. So we made decision – we will have bigger rooms.

In early spring 2018 there was signed lease contract for renting the stock-office type rooms in a building still under construction. As per agreement the building supposed to be completed in mid summer.

As the building was not completed we had possibility to dictate to the builder what specific features we need considering our business.

Building was completed in second half of July and our big move was happening on last days of July.

Would say that biggest challenge during moving process was to find time after completing our every-day work, to settle us in to the warehouse and office. The new building was blank box when we did step in first time. So it can be imagined how much there was to do.

Today everything is almost done in warehouse & office, only few smaller tasks to complete and we are ready to face with new challenges.

Storage and warehousing is now as new service in our company. If earlier it was a small part of our economy, then now it is important side-business. So we are happy to offer to our clients full warehousing services and temperature controlled storage. Winter is coming, you know!

This is really interesting times in our company  and can not wait a day to learn which are the next challenges.

Big thanks to our last landlord Eigo from Kassi 4. We had really cooperative voyage together. Thank you!


And here is the address of our new office & warehouse:

Sinilille tee 6,

75312 Peetri, Rae vald

Building 2, box 12

20. October 2018

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