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Big Fine Art Truck DAF did join Plado Art Services OÜ fleet.

In 2021 our company started on a whole new level, we achieved our long term goal of purchasing our first big fine art truck.

Till now we only had the option of offering transport for smaller size shipments.

Of course, our new car meets all the requirements and needs of art transport, including climate-controlled cargo space, cargo space heating, air suspension, a long 2t tailgate and a real-time GPS tracking system.


Thanks to the excellent winter this year, we were able to test the capability of the new truck even with more extreme temperatures. The cargo space heating system maintains a stable temperature of +20 ° Celsius even with -25 ° frost, adding to the movement of cold wind.

Our first foreign visit with a new truck was made to our good neighbours in Stockholm, where we could immediately try the maximum capacity of our car and the possibilities of climate transport by sea.

Of course, we do not reserve our truck only for the transport of art, and we can also offer transport services for all other types of goods, offering both part-load and full-load solutions. In addition to art transport, various transport services are our additional priority. For example, we are an official partner for an international transport company in the transport and installation of delicate medical devices in the Baltic States. The parameters of our new car also correspond to the organization of the transport of medicines.

Plenty of kilometres and strong health for our car!

All your requests are wellcome!

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28. helmikuun 2021

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