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Our new and great Fine Art Truck

2016 was very special for us!

We have now brand new fine art truck!

The plan to buy fine art truck has been our coal from beginning. And of course the truck had to meet all the requirements of transporting fine art. During planning we considered several different solutions: to buy used truck and rebuild it, to buy used chassis cab and build new fine art closed box on it or to buy new chassis cab and build closed fine art box on it. Finally we decided to choose last solution, most expensive but most reliable one. Preparations and planning took almost a year. And it took bit over 6 months from ordering chassis cab until the truck was ready to hit the road.

In June before Midsummer Day we had first test ride. First ride over border was to Helsinki. During half of year until now, we tested new truck in a different conditions such as extreme cold (-25 degrees C) and with heavy rain and we are proud to say that we have made very good choice. And most important – our good clients are very confident with our new truck. So, fly high, our MASTER!

We would like to thank our great friends, without your kind help we could not achieve the goal. Thank you so much: Indrek Lään, Ingrid Hindrikson, Jeroen Van Der Hoeven, Kristel and Margo Lempu, Mart Reinola ning Merle and Kristjan Pehk.

11. tammikuun 2017

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